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May 24, 2022

CircleCI Orb: What is it?

What is an orb and why would you use it with CircleCI?
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Is your software product awesome, but customers are impatient for the next update?

Is your SaaS business expanding, but your infrastructure budget has ballooned by a factor of ten?

Are your formerly reliable contract developers strangely unresponsive?

Did you outsource development to save money, but now wonder if in-house is better?

Do you have more customers than you can onboard?

Does it take six months to get new operations hires up to speed?

Do you just have a sneaky suspicion your operation could run a whole lot better?

The 360° Checkup is a short process of inquiry that will help you untangle your development and operations problems so you can scale up without the growing pains. Through conversations, investigations, and participation with your team, I’ll look at your unique software development lifecycle from all sides—360 degrees—for a clear picture of your development process, internal tooling, and infrastructure, and give you the leverage to make changes.

BrassTack’s 360° Checkup will help you overcome the obstacles to your production goals.


A BrassTack 1:1 call makes a great followup to the 360° Checkup. Continue to get expert advice on cloud migration, deployment automation, operations monitoring, and DevOps team development.

Need a regularly scheduled conversation to keep your project on track? Choose the 1:1 Call!

  • Set up a regular call to work through ideas and solutions.
  • Get unlimited access to me via email, text, or slack with next business day response. Usually faster!
  • Additional calls included on a best effort basis.

No time on your schedule to commit to a regular call? The 1:1 No-call is for you!

  • Get the same unlimited access to me via email, text, or slack with next business day response, but without the phone calls.
  • Single calls available at deeply discounted rates.


My goal is to identify your unique needs and help you build the best solution. That might require off the shelf products, processes, or tools, or it might involve designing something entirely new. I’ll also consider the future: we might need to develop a solution that will be a stepping stone to your ideal, but whatever we build, you’ll have a plan for how it fits your long term goals.

I won’t insist that you throw out all of the work that’s been done.  We can’t just get rid of your legacy. It’s what got you here, and it makes you and your project unique. Your history can be leveraged to succeed now and in the future.

I’m not afraid of unfamiliar environments. I hear from a lot of teams, “It takes months for new engineers to learn enough to contribute!” but that’s not me. I’m an expert at learning and adapting. Even in a single 30 minute call, without the disclosure of secret information, I can help you move the needle on any problem you’re working on—check out my testimonials!

My career has focused on technical infrastructure, but I’m also a business owner. I built my consulting business from the ground up and opened (and closed) a retail business. I bake those hard-won lessons (hiring, taxes, accounting, marketing, location, contracts) into real-world solutions.

You want to grow, and so do I. That’s why every solution has to pass the brass tack test: Does it scale? Because if the solution can’t scale, your company can’t grow—and neither will mine!

About Me

Unlike other consultants who focus on just one piece of your stack, a narrow technology, or a specific part of your process, I understand that every team, product and platform is unique.

I’m David Raistrick. For over 20 years I’ve been called a network engineer sysadmin systems engineer SRE director leader devop[|s] - and worse! I’m a veteran of AAA sports video games (Tiger, Madden) and an expert at building the infrastructure and tools to scale online services. I’ve guided infrastructure for companies of all types and sizes, from scrappy startups like HypGames to globe-spanning giants like Electronic Arts and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Since starting my first ISP, Atlasta, I’ve worked with almost every technology used to build Internet software platforms.

I understand how to tie all the pieces together and make them work, but most of all, I know that technology changes rapidly. So when you come to me for a solution, I don’t hand you a canned response made up of buzz words and promises, I work with your team to develop a custom-fit solution using technology that can grow with you—or that you can evolve out of.
I specialize in you.

Explore the companies, projects, and technologies I’ve worked with on my LinkedIn Page.

I focus on architecture, strategy/direction, and diagnosis, and I can help implement any change:

  • Teams transitioning to remote, distributed, or dispersed. Tools, techniques, process and…that magic something.
  • Software development teams - particularly those building backend software for internet-connected applications and running it in production.
  • Integrating software and cloud technology into a traditional business.
  • Distilling highly technical projects for a C-levels and business owners.
  • Hiring DevOps, systems administrators and engineers.
  • Migration to cloud - for the first time, hybridizing, or moving from one cloud to another.


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