• Would you recommend me - and why?

" Absolutely! Your technical aptitude and strategic abilities are hugely valuable when a company is lacking technical leadership and/or speciality in your areas of expertise. You not only fill that gap in the short term, but you help your clients replace your abilities with talent who can take the torch long term. You have a very rational, calm approach to burning issues and recognize the time it can take to gain buy-in. Additionally, your soft skills and communication style are top notch and make working with you FUN for both technical and non-technical stakeholders alike! Your presence will certainly be missed by our group. "

Liz Willette - PerformLine

" I like having someone who can coach me to become a better engineer and a better leader. I respect the knowledge you bring with you having seen these problems at other places and helping them get through it. "

Varun Rishi - PerformLine

" The best thing that came out of this project was realizing that we’d become a bit numb to our fragility - we knew it was there, but we’d grown accustomed to ignoring it. You were able to come in and raise the priority - not to a level of panic, but to a point where we understood that ‘this must happen, and this must happen first’. You didn’t throw stones, and we appreciated that. "

Francis Chmelir - LashBack

  • What is your biggest takeaway from the project - did anything surprise you?

" I don’t think I realized how hindered we were by the way we were doing things. While DB backups were certainly the biggest risk, you helped me understand the importance of our environments, CICD, and tests. "

  • Would you recommend me - and why?

" Absolutely. Your solutions were well-architected and result-driven, and the insights you provided were invaluable to me and my team. Beyond that, you are easy to talk to and work with, and you took the time to explain things in detail when I needed it. "

Gary McClure - LashBack

  • What was your biggest fear/worry/concern before you engaged me on the project?

" No fears or at least nothing pessimistic in nature. If anything we had an opposite expectation where having a wizard would give us an upper hand in bringing order and clarity to our cloud infrastructure. "

Nirav Malani - Genosity

" I was worried that since you’re in a different industry—tech, rather than writing/coaching—that you wouldn’t understand some of the requirements of my field and my relationships with my clients.

You are an idea machine! You source great business ideas and share them generously.

Given that I was concerned that the differences in our backgrounds/industries/experiences would mean that your suggestions wouldn’t fit my business well, I was delighted that you were able to help me apply the new approaches you suggested. Over the course of our conversations, you showed me ways to customize your ideas and make them serve my goals beautifully!

I’m actually just so happy with all of our interactions. Nothing to change! I’m just grateful!

I absolutely recommend you! You’re able to see outside of the box that small business people put themselves in. You’re enthusiastic—passionate, really—about fresh business models and concepts. And you really care that the person you’re coaching applies those models and concepts in ways that support their goals. "

Jamie Morris - Voice Heart Vision LLC

" My biggest fear hiring David was our own lack of knowledge of the complexities of the project on the technical & programming side and if we would be able to properly convey our needs with what had been built.

Great communication, positive attitude and especially your patience dealing with us and our programming illiteracy. Also, your “can-do” attitude and leadership that breathed life back into this project.

I was surprised at how complex the other side of the computer world really gets… Is there a Matrix?

I wish we would have had you and the team you put us in touch with from the start.

I definitely recommend you! Your knowledge helped salvage our project and your communication with us in layman terms didn’t get us lost in the mix. I have a new appreciation for all that work behind the PC screen. You also knew just the right people to bring on to give this project new life. Jeff and I thank you very much. "

Jason Asher & Jeff Meyer - Landmark Properties LLC

" David worked at DEVEXI from 2016-2018, diving headfirst into ansible scripts (and wiki documentation) written by others and building repeatable deploy processes across different environments in AWS. I’m particularly impressed by David’s ops experience and intuition - he can spot potholes in the ops/ci/deploy toolchain before most anyone else does. David is an efficiency multiplier for the entire dev team. Recommended! "

John Tunison - CTO at DEVEXI

" David Raistrick is an excellent engineer. His abilities in his field put him on a level that few occupy. He has an insatiable appetite for knowledge for any technology, particularly network and systems architecture. His dedication to his craft is what sets David apart from anyone else. The many design discussions concerning network architecture and troubleshooting were very enjoyable and his insight revealed his breadth of knowledge that goes far beyond book knowledge. It was a pleasure working with David. "

Xesus Posse - IT Broadcasting

" As a NOC Manager, I was unable to keep up with the many different technology needs of our rapidly growing infrastructure. David was able to step in and handle very complicated issues with little to no guidance all while being a pleasure to work with. This from back in 2000, but I would describe his skills then as being a linux, web, and IP connectivity genius. "

Allen Edwards - NOC Manager, Digital Wireless Communications Inc.

" David is a very detailed oriented individual with strong ideas and great focus. One of the things that I valued about David in working with him was his desire to get the job done in an driven manner. David stands up for what he believes in and in today’s workplace that is a rare and special attribute. It was a true pleasure and breath of fresh air working with him. I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again in the future. "

Jonathan Cahill - NeuLion

" David has always provided insightful and timely advice on network issues when consulted. He was easy to work with and proved knowledgeable on network and operating systems topics. I found him to be extremely reliable and conscientious. "

David Brooks - Support Manager, Global Technology Associates Inc.